About iCeMS

We’re all about inspiring creativity. Unlocking life’s secrets and transforming lives is what we always try to do best. Discover the secrets to our success and learn more about iCeMS and what we do.

Our History

Founded in 2007

Located in Kyoto, Japan

Director - Susumu Kitagawa

Interested in joining us for a Postdoctoral Fellowship?

The scientific community is slowly awakening to multi-disciplinary research, christening it “convergence” and heralding it as the next revolution.

We have been “convergent” for nearly a decade.

Results have been impressive in the relatively short time that we have been around, resulting in numerous significant cutting-edge discoveries.

At iCeMS we strive to achieve even greater levels of scientific excellence whilst leveraging our mass of scientific and technological knowledge into transformative innovations for the benefit of society.

Where is iCeMS

We are part of Kyoto University located at the Yoshida Campus near the center of Kyoto.

Kyoto University is in the National Seven Group in Japan and is one of its finest institute